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Skater's Code of Conduct

General Rules for all Participants

  • Courtesy and good manners are expected of all participants.
  • Participants using foul language, yelling or "mouthing off" will be asked to leave the ice/session. Similarly, bullying or verbal abuse by any member of the Club towards any member of the Club will not be tolerated. Participants engaged in this type of behaviour will be asked to leave the ice/session. Continued incidents may result in the loss of skating privileges or withdrawal from the program.

On-Ice Rules for all Skaters

  • Skaters are not to go on the ice until a coach is present and gives permission.
  • Skaters should get up as quickly as possible after a fall to keep the path clear for other skaters.
  • Do not interrupt a lesson or try to get the attention of a coach giving a lesson to a fellow skater.
  • Gum chewing, eating or drinking will not permitted while skating. Water bottles are permitted be must be kept to the side of the ice surface near penalty boxes or in the stands.
  • All Skaters must leave the ice immediately at the end of the session or when the Zamboni comes onto the ice.
  • All rink doors are to be closed securely before the session starts.

Additional On-Ice Rules for STARSkaters

  • Jumps are to be performed at the end of the rink.
  • Spins are to be performed at the centre of the rink.
  • When the skater's name is called for their music, they are to identify themselves to the music operator and position themselves promptly for their solo. The music should not be cancelled or waved off without good reason.
  • Each skater should attempt to identify each skater having their solo played and give them a clear run through their solo.
  • Priority for right of way on the ice is as follows: (1) skater having music played; (2) skater in a lesson; (3) skater moving backwards.