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Holiday Showcase

Our annual Holiday Performance Showcase took place on Sunday, December 18, 2022 at Jack Charron Arena.

Performances featured figure skating by GCSC Academy and STARSkaters of all levels. Family and friends who came out to see the show and support the club enjoyed hot chocolate and popcorn, a chance to earn raffle prizes and a 50/50 draw. After the show, all were welcome to stay and enjoy a family skate. 

A huge thank you to our volunteer photographer, Jane MacAulay, for taking the photos and to Clark Merchant for being our announcer and photo editor!


Pre-Novice & Novice Sectional Championships

This year's Sectional Championships for Pre-Novice and Novice levels took place December 8-10, 2022 at the Ed Sackfield Arena & Fitness Centre in Richmond Hill. GCSC is proud to have sent three skaters to the championships: Brianna Dion (Pre-Novice), Victoria Power (Pre-Novice), and Makya Bertrand (Novice). We are proud to announce that our Pre-Novice Pairs Team (Brianna and Makya) placed second at this event. Way to go!!



Nepean Provincial Series #3 Competition

The Nepean Provincial Series #3 Competition was held December 2-4, 2022 at the Nepean Sportsplex.

Congratulations to all our participating skaters!

Our STAR 5 & Up Freeskate Program podium finishers:

Juvenile Men U14
Evan Merchant = 1st place

Gold Women
Adelle MacLeod = 1st place

STAR 10 Women
Ella Mossman = 3rd place

STAR 9 Women O14
Adelle MacLeod = 1st place
Ella Mossman = 3rd place

STAR 7 Men O12
Evan Merchant = 2nd place
Jack McHugh = 3rd place

STAR 7 Women (Artistic)
Adia Smith = 3rd place



Our STAR 1-4 Freeskate Program results:

Sarah Chen = GOLD
Jade Smith = SILVER
Kaylee Wang = BRONZE

Savannah Bernier = SILVER
Teagan Smith = BRONZE
Claire Stone = BRONZE
Ethan Stone = BRONZE
Tina Wang = BRONZE
Nicole Wylie = BRONZE 

Gordon Bennett = BRONZE
Jeannine Chahabi = BRONZE
Tenley Doyle = BRONZE
Hanbei Li = BRONZE

Our podium finishers for Elements:

STAR 6 Team Elements
Jack/Ali/Yara/Isabella = 2nd place

STAR 5 Individual Elements
Emma Stone = 3rd place

STAR 5 Team Elements
Emma/Hana/Shankari/Hannah = 3rd place 

STAR 3 Individual Elements
Sarah Chen = GOLD
Jade Smith = GOLD 

STAR 3 Team Elements
Sarah/Jade/Kaylee/Savannah = GOLD 

STAR 2 Individual Elements
Savannah Bernier = GOLD
Teagan Smith = BRONZE
Tina Wang = SILVER



Pre-Novice/Novice Sectional Championships Send-Off

On Thursday, December 1 the STAR 5+ Academy skaters celebrated a send-off for three of our skaters who will be competing at the upcoming Sectional Championships for Pre-Novice and Novice levels on December 8-10, 2022. Congratulations to Brianna Dion (Pre-Novice), Victoria Power (Pre-Novice), Makya Bertrand (Novice) and our Pre-Novice Pairs Team (Brianna & Makya) on qualifying to compete! GCSC will be cheering for you!



CPA Asticou 2022 Invitational

28 GCSC skaters registered to compete at the CPA Asticou 2022 Invitational in Gatineau, Quebec on November 11-13.
Congratulations to all the skaters on a job well done! Podium photos will be added as we receive them.
SINGLES podium finishers for our STAR 5 & Up skaters:

STAR 5 Women
Emma Stone = 1st place
Kathleen Mott = 2nd place
Shankari Ramashan = 2nd place

STAR 6 Women
Adia Smith = 3rd place

STAR 6 Men
Evan Merchant = 1st place

STAR 7 Women
Samantha Aboud = 1st place
Adia Smith = 3rd place

STAR 7 Men
Evan Merchant = 1st place
Jack McHugh = 2nd place

STAR 9 Women
Rafaella Salim = 2nd place

STAR 10 Women
Rafaella Salim = 1st place
Angela Hu = 2nd place
Ella Mossman = 3rd place

GOLD Women
Laura Jin = 3rd place

Pre-Novice Women
Brianna Dion = 1st place

Novice Men
Makya Bertrand
Short Program = 1st place
Long Program = 2nd place
Combined = 2nd place

ELEMENTS podium finishers for our STAR 5 & Up skaters:

STAR 5 Women

Emma Stone = 1st place
Hanna Rock = 3rd place

STAR 9-10 Women
Brianna Dion - 1st place

STAR 1-4 results:

Teagan Smith = BRONZE
Claire Stone = GOLD
Tina Wang = GOLD

Savannah Bernier = SILVER (Solo) & GOLD (Elements)

Sarah Chen = SILVER (Solo) & SILVER (Elements)
Jade Smith = SILVER (Solo) & GOLD (Elements)




STAR 1-4 Academy

Glen Cairn Skating Club is proud to have sixteen skaters enrolled in this Academy program for the 2022-2023 season.
Here they are in costume for Performance Ice on October 23. Looking good, everyone!


October 2022 Sectionals Competition in Barrie

Congratulations to the Glen Cairn Skating Club Academy skaters who made the podium at this event!

Left to right:

Adelle MacLeod
GOLD Women = 1st place
STAR 9 Women O14 = 3rd place

Ella Mossman
STAR 10 Women = 2nd place

Coach Marie Palladini-Hamelin

Rafaella Salim

STAR 10 Women = 1st place

Evan Merchant
Juvenile Men U13 = 2nd place
STAR 7 Men = 3rd place

2022 Mini-Seminar

On Saturday, September 10 the Glen Cairn Skating Club hosted a "Mini-Seminar" to start off the 2022/2023 season with World Level coaches Paige Aistrop and Ernest Pryhitka from the Toronto Cricket Skating Club.


Our Pairs Team: Brianna Dion & Makya Bertrand

Training in August and competing in September at the Pre-Novice Pairs level.


2022 Summer Skate

Off-Ice Stretching - team edition!



2022 AGM & Skating Awards Banquet

Saturday, June 25 at Amberwood Lounge & Eatery



Love to Skate Competition

Friday, March 18 at Kanata Recreation Complex

Thank you to all our volunteers for making this event a huge success!



STAR 1-4 Performance Ice

Congratulations on a GREAT JOB by all our skaters on February 27!

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